How to participate in a Quantos Auctions

Quantos Auctions - Get Started

1.Log-In To Get Started

On auction day, log in to your account to make your bids.

2.Enter the Auction

Select "Auction" from the menu to see the current catalog and view equipment details.

3.Equipment List

The Auction opens before the Auction closing date
Once the auction opens, you can browse machines on the equipment list.
To add equipment in your Watch List, please click "Add to Watch list". To remove an item from the list, please click "Remove from Watch list".
You can check your Watch List in "My Page".
You may start bidding at any time. Refer to "How to Bid".
You can bid for an item from the Equipment List, Equipment Details, or from My Watch List.

4.Closing Now

When "Closing Now" comes up,
you can only bid directly from that screen.
You will be a winning bidder if you are the highest bidder at the end of the auction.


As time expires there may be several bidders placing bids on an item.
When this happens the item will be extended (Extended Time) to allow more time for bids to be placed.
Extended continues until countdown time has reached 0:00 for that item
Highest bidder when time expires will be the winning bidder for the item.
If any bids are placed on the unit in the final minute of closing, the unit will go into "Extended" area.

6.My page

At the end of the auction, winning bidders can check machine details and the pricing on "My Page" by clicking "Units Won"